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Cloud ID Platform Features

Authentication & Authorization

Cloud ID is a highly-scalable identity solution that gives your customers a better TV Everywhere and OTT (over the top) streaming experience. For cable, pay-TV, and content providers Cloud ID handles the subscriber journey from the initial authentication through content authorization. Cloud ID provides a simple, frictionless login experience that is customized to your design needs and device mix. Our admin tools and APIs save you development time and help you integrate with many identity and content providers easily. Cloud ID enables the right authentication method for your situation, allowing access to the apps/content your customers are entitled to. Contact us today for a demo and let us show you how we can help.

TV, Cable, OTT Integrations

In the streaming economy, speed to market allows you to reach your revenue goals much faster. The Cloud ID team has long history of relationships with both identity and content providers and has quick-launch integrations with many cable, pay-tv, and OTT services. So if you’re a content provider you’ll appreciate the quick entry to market and if you’re a service provider you’ll have access to our vast network of content providers. Our feature-filled authorization tools will help you manage customer entitlements. Easily define what resources authorized users have access to in our web-based admin tools, or use our Cloud ID APIs to connect to your backend systems.

Scaling for Live Sports and Streaming Premieres

Cloud ID has been the trusted solution for partners looking to scale their authentication experience for live streaming, live sports, and streaming premieres of your favorite shows. Our high availability solutions and login experiences can be extended to gaming, esports, product launches, and other high-traffic use cases. In addition, we offer 24/7 managed NOC support to detect and resolve issues.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Cloud ID can be extended to use a variety of MFA services including:

  • OTP (one-time passwords):
  • TOTP (time-based one-time password)
  • Security questions
  • Adaptive MFA: Apply business rules to authentication factors to manage risk and ease of access

Passwordless Authentication

Passwordless login helps provide a more seamless, frictionless login experience for your customers. Cloud ID supports key passwordless features:

  • Free Trial Authentication through email and SMS
  • App2App authentication

Billing Integrations

Prevent barriers to subscriber revenue and cart abandonment with triggers that present a preview of your content & then allow for instant access to your additional products and services with Cloud ID Add2Bill. An engaged & enticed customer, enabled to make a smooth & successful purchase improves the CX of your product exponentially.

Fraud / Concurrency Monitoring

Monitor, control and take action on user access to your content with Cloud ID concurrency monitoring. Features include alerts, session throttling, failed attempt lock-out and other customizable options. In addition, mitigating the threat of brute force attacks with proactive planning-against and detection controls that Cloud ID offers. Cloud ID allows you to track active user devices and their activities to help you manage fraud.

Smart Speaker Login

With the number of home-based connected device products and services increasing daily, a growing number of consumers rely on the convenience of engaging with and accomplishing tasks with their smart devices. Cloud ID enables solutions that make device-independent interactions possible in an IoT, identity-first landscape with quick-connect authentication login and linking for smart speakers.

Account Tracking & Linking

As your user changes content providers, make it easy for them to get up & running again with account tracking – where their profile persists from one service provider to another for your content service. This service additionally gives content providers visibility into a user who changes eligibility tiers – it’s added insight into entitlements and entitlement changes.

Home Based Authentication

Home Based Authentication (HBA) automatically grants your subscribers acccess to TV Everywhere content on devices connected to their home network. This enables them to view content without the need to sign in. HBA is available when supported by the MVPD for specific devices.